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Mr. Jacob Ben Shushan (CEO & Owner), has over 25 years’ experience in every aspect of shipping and project management.

Ms. Eytana Pearlman (CEO & Owner PA), is responsible for all matters related to management level, personnel and international communications.    +972-4-8562200

Operations Department

Our highly qualified and multi-disciplinary team are ready and able to deal with all kinds of situations and cargo, including hazardous materials.  Our operations team is fully qualified for ISO, TQM/TQL.   +972-4-8562224/220

Logistics & Projects Department

Mrs. Bruria Yaish-Levy (General Manager), has been part of the GLS team since 1999.  Bruria has rich experience in the fields of Forwarding, Logistics, Custom Clearance procedures, Purchasing and Shipments. She is responsible for the Purchasing, Logistics and Shipping departments.   +972-4-8562234

Finance & Accounting Department

Mrs. Yulia Amor (Economist) is highly qualified, with versatile experience in the world of finance. Yulia engages in financial analysis in such areas as forecasting, budgeting, cost reduction analysis, and streamlining operational performance.   +972-4-8562214

Marketing Department

Hillel (Marketing Manager), is responsible for brand awareness, marketing, advertising, and promotional activities at GLS. Hillel promotes the GLS brand through various channels, following a long-term marketing strategy.   +972-4-8562222

Office Administration

Mrs. Ziva Cohen (Administrative Manager), has been part of the GLS team since 2002.  Ziva supports our day-to-day activities by supervising the staff and managing multiple administrative systems.   +972-4-8562222

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