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Coordination with Authorities

Coordination with Authorities:*MOD *MOT *Ministry of Interior affairs *Port Authorities*Ministry of Infrastructure

Coordination in front of the Ministry of Defense ( M.O.D) , Israeli Navy , Ports of Israel , Ministry of Transportation and Authorities 

  • Ministry of defense (M.O.D) – In order to obtain confirmations from the MOD and Israeli Navy to position the drilling rig at sea, GLS shall be responsible of obtaining all relevant confirmations. 
  • Positioning of ex naval officers on vessels – As per MOD regulations – GLS shall be responsible of positioning upon all vessels participating in project ex naval officers, who are familiar with Navy regulations, to act as coordinating officers in front of the Israeli Navy and MOD. 
  • Ministry of Transportation – GLS shall perform all coordination’s in front of Ministry of Transportation, and will operate for “NOTICE TO MARINERS” of drilling operations.

Also GLS will coordinate and arrange the vessel , work permit from MOT.

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