Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Wallenius Wilhelmsen - Israel

GLS global partners disburse our collaborations worldwide to strengthen our service range even more. We choose our partners wisely to provide you the best possible features and attention to your requirements.

leading Roll on-Roll off (RORO) shipping and vehicle logistics to and from Israel

With Wallenius Wilhelmsen leading Roll on-Roll off (RORO) shipping and vehicle logistics to help manage cars, trucks, rolling equipment and breakbulk we have super services worldwide just for you.

Their 125-vessel fleet with fifteen routes working in six continents and their wide range of centers and marine terminals allows your cargo to sail safely.

Automobiles and military equipment import to israel via Ashdod seaport

Among our customers are some of the largest automobiles and military equipment importers that chose to import via Ashdod seaport.

Sustainable logistics

With Wallenius targeted to deliver sustainable logistics for manufacturers, for over 100 years, they take a dynamic approach to climate change, energy transition, digitization and technology. If you love marine life, Welleniu’s objective to protect life underwater using innovative solutions to decrease harm as well as trying to reduce emission to zero.

Our partnership with them also matched our core values as both companies revere human rights, keep high work satisfaction to provide you outstanding performance.