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    Extracting oil or natural gas from Earth to meet the world’s increasingly growing demand is an advanced project. The main difference in oil drilling is its location; it can be either onshore or offshore.

    While onshore drilling is done on dry land, where you create deep holes under the Earth’s surface, offshore oil drilling relates to drilling underneath the seabed in water or sea. Both methods extract natural resources, oil or gas from the ground.

    The drill location affects costs, profits, timelines and drilling processes. Offshore drilling expenses are usually higher, with extra difficulty in deep water and the need for stability and special equipment.

    During 2012, Israel issued a tender to explore the Golan Heights in search of a hidden large and deep oil or natural gas reservoir beneath the Heights.

    Afek Exploration Company from Genie Energy International Group won the tender and received a “miracle” license to explore, operate and drill onshore at the Golan Heights.

    For over two years’ GLS provided logistics and supply services to Afek Oil & Gas Energy, working with Viking energy on oil drilling at the northern site.

    Our vast experience in such an important national project along with the commitment to supply hand-on daily support landed GLS more projects in the oil-drilling field. Our dedicated professional teams provide you quality services all the way.

    Afek Oil & Gas

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