Laying Fiber optic cables at sea

  • Laying Fiber optic cables at sea

    Laying Fiber optic cables at sea

    Fiber optic cables are a great hit these days, allowing the transmission of signals faster and with greater bandwidth than copper cables. It makes our internet go faster, and it provides high-efficiency computer communications, its ideal for HD televisions, and more.

    We proudly took part in laying fiber-optic communication cables at sea from Israel to Europe. Gold Line Shipping provided a vast array of operational services for major Israel communications companies such as Med Nautilus (Partner), Tamares, Telecom, and INTERNATIONAL BEZEQ.

    We handled just about everything:

    • Authorities’ approvals
    • Israeli Navy authorization
    • Complete vessel operations at sea and port
    • Responsible for all shipments, mainly the fiber-optic cables
    • Providing a coordination officer at each vessel

    Gold Line Shipping expert teams were always at hand to assist with all requests in a timely and efficient manner that led to this fantastic cooperation with all these companies.

    Laying Fiber optic cables at sea - Israel

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