Cargo / Project delivery logistics planning

Logistic planning is everything

Shipping means a lot of logistic planning. It is what ties all ends together to get the shipment from point A to B. We not only understand our clients’ needs, but our expert teams also map them to exact detail to offer creative solutions with personalized attention and care, to facilitate all requirements along the way.

With numerous shipping options, breakbulk cargo, custom, unusually sized cargo, or even dangerous shipment that demands special service, we provide innovative solutions for all challenges.

Your cargo is safe

When we plan your project delivery or cargo shipment, we consider everything. Risk Management Timelines, supply chains, local customs clearance, import and export rules and all regulations. The lot.

GLS years of experience takes advanced planning skills to the next level every time. We aim to deliver the best solution even if you have unique freight, oversized cargo, and specialized cargo. Our hands-on teams pre-plan your shipment to/from Israel, taking into consideration all the essentials for safer, easier, faster and more efficient shipping.