Customs and Classifications

Israeli Customs and Classifications

Our expertise in both shipping and logistics allows us to deliver vast assistance in customs and classifications, even during your project-planning phase. Our one-to-one innovative service solutions make out of the ordinary shipments to and from Israel simple, saving time and costs.

Here are a few details about our services:

  • We assist with import legality. We know that import can be tricky and can encounter obstacles but, if you have your documents right, it is safe sailing. Gathering everything is just part of our daily tasks, so no mission is unusual for us. Our teams help you obtain all your equipment technical specifications, catalogs, documents and classification. The latter is a highly important feature that allows you advantages as it is a real time saver and offers a cost-effective solution pre-project shipment stage.
  • We receive the early classification for your cargo to provide you the best advice on how to enter the equipment into Israel (regular or temporary import).
  • Our early classification helps save enormous amount of time spent on shipment release. We prepare your documents in advance to cut bureaucracy and release time to minimum.

Export your equipment back

Once you finished your project, there are still a few things to complete. The last stage is super smooth when our dedicated team handles it on your behalf.

If you used temporary importation, then you placed a bank guarantee with the Israeli customs. Now it is time to close all ends and retrieve your bank guarantee as well as close the temporary import. Let our professional export team handle everything.