Passenger Vessels

Israeli outstanding logistics and operations cruise lines service

GLS is renowned for its outstanding logistics and operations, especially with cruise liners. We love passengers’ ships. We know that cruise liners come first and need first-class attention and care to get all authorizations and border passage on time. Efficiency is the key to allow the cruise schedule to come forth and let your clients enjoy their vacation without delays.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable teams do just that. Trained and experienced in running such operations smoothly. We handle all related issues with high-efficiency, solution-based response and great attention to detail.

Cruise line dock and sail at all of the Israeli seaports

With us, your cruise line can dock and set sail on time, safely and hassle-free. Our vast and strong connections at all of the Israeli seaports – Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat – mean we have you covered with all tasks and authorities requirements allowing your dream liner to be a top five-star floating vessel hotel it is made to be.

We arrange for an A to Z passenger Veddels service that includes’ the following:

  • Schedule coordination with port officials
  • Ship arrival preparation:
      • Submitting all needed documentation reports to the Israeli Navy, The Administration of Shipping and Ports (MOT) and the Ministry of Health (MOH).
        • Border control coordination
        • Ministry of Defense coordination
        • Supply Coordination
      • Crew change (per demand)
    • Crew accommodation and transport (upon demand)
    • Vessel attending during its docking at the Israeli port
      Responsiveness to all requirements during docking (such as CTM, Shipments and medical treatment)
    • Docking assistance and dock behavior guidelines