Relocation to Israel


Throughout the years of working In International Projects, We acknowledge that even the most and complicated technical work is based on people.
We believe that taking care of a company employees, throughout the process of transition to Israel, Is an essential part in the success of the project

Relocation involves a lot of challenges and we provide a solid framework and support for the companies.
GLS dedicated personnel Department‘s goal is to allow your company complete peace of mind regarding the welfare of employees during their stay in Israel.

Our clients know that there is someone looking out for them 24/7

We offer:

Work Permits & Visas

GLS helps organizations obtain visas and work permits for their relocated employees. We assist with the application process and documentation & forms, preparation and presentation of application with appropriate authority, notification when visa and/or work permit is issued.

Tax and Pension Consulting

Every country has its own tax and pension regulations and benefits. Relocated employees’ salaries are calculated in accordance with their new country’s tax laws. Due to the fact that tax and pension systems may differ from that of their country of origin, GLS representatives will educate your employees on their tax obligations and benefits, as well as helping them make informed decisions regarding the best pension plan for them and their family.

Home Search

Ensuring you find the ideal home for your needs; Inspections of available rental properties, assistance with negotiations and property handover process.

Prior to your employees’ arrival, they will receive pictures and descriptions of housing options via email that will help them understand where they are going to live. The options given are in full accordance with the needs specified to us, including house size & style, specific city and workplace proximity. Our representative will be in close contact with your employees and will help them make an educated decision about their new home.
After choosing a home, GLS private relocation representative will handle the lease logistics to ensure that everything goes smoothly, as well as making sure all the necessary repairs and adjustments are taken care of.

Schools / Kindergartens Search

Information about the education system and available options, introduction to appropriate schools, assistance with visits to local schools and the enrolment process (when required).

Finding the appropriate schools/kindergartens for employees’ children is a top priority, and we treat it accordingly. Our representatives will introduce your employees to the school/kindergarten options available, advising them on the pros and cons and handling all the paperwork and bureaucracy. Needless to say, all of this will take place before your employees land and after we have visited the respective schools/kindergartens and consulted them on the possibility of their children’s arrival.
On the first day of school, GLS relocation representative will accompany your employees and their children, and will have purchased all of the relevant school books and a few extra pencils and erasers as well!

Area Orientation

Familiarizing yourself with the area; Public transport, shopping facilities, doctors, dentists, bank, post office, leisure facilities, domestic help – ensuring you settle into  your new routine as quickly as possible.

We recommend your employees and their families visit their new home prior to relocation. They will be greeted at the airport by their private relocation representative, who will assist them through Customs and escort them to their new community.

Meet and Greet at Airport

Upon arrival, GLS relocation representative will meet your employees at the airport, helping them through Customs and Passport Control. GLS relocation representative will proceed to drive them to their new home, pointing out sites and important information along the way and making sure to drive past their children’s new school and/or kindergartens as well.

Tenancy Management & Utilities Hook Up and Disconnect

Management of tenancy issues, tailored to customers’ needs; This includes: preparation of property, verification of inventory, review of lease, handling of rent and payment, written notice to landlord and liaison with landlord regarding maintenance issues.

Upon arrival in their new home, GLS private relocation representative will help your employees hook up appliances and utilities, while also explaining about their new country’s unique voltage system and outlets and supplying them with the necessary electric transformers.
GLS private relocation representative is on call whenever your employees require emergency assistance or just a helping hand. Health care, repairs, utilities and internet access are but a few examples of the areas in which we can assist your employees and their families.

Departure Services

Assistance with leaving a property, minimizing cost and effort. This service includes: Lease termination and security deposit/bond refund negotiations, written notice, disconnection of utilities, redirection of mail (if necessary) and coordination of cleaning services.