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גולד ליין ספנות בע”מ (GLS) הינה חברה ותיקה, החל משנת 1996, העוסקת בכל תחומי הלוגיסטיקה והספנות: כסוכן אוניה וכחברה אשר נותנת פלטפורמת שירותים לפרויקטים גולד ליין .מציעה מגוון רחב של כל השירותים הקשורים לחברות זרות הפועלות בישראל


GLS מנוסה בכל היבטי הספנות ומכירה היטב את פעולות תפעול הנמלים ברחבי העולם.


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

GLS has been the general agent for most Oil & Gas foreign companies in Israel.

The national gas project combines the strengths of each department in our company, and affiliated companies to provide excellent services: Logistics, Operations, International Forwarding, Real-Estate, Coordination with the Israeli Navy and the Israeli Police& immigration, Travel arrangements and much more.

Marine & Shipping Services

GLS offers full port agency and husbandry service
including offshore agency and owner protecting agency.
We service all types of vessels including container, bulk,
passenger, military, rigs and tankers.
We offer a unique combination of experience, technologies and Quality service . 

Water Desalination

Seawater desalination is the most reliable source for enriching the water supply,since seawater is available in unlimited quantities and involves no dependency – neither on climate nor on political factors.

GLS have integrated and operated the 2 largest projects to establish 2 major water treatment in Israel.


GLS provides a range of services that include the implementation and management of civil and marine engineering projects, environmental project management and marine delivery.
Our involvement in developing infrastructure in Israel and creating a support platform for our clients have made us a leading company in the field.

Power stations

GLS provides comprehensive process consulting in establishing a power plant industry site with comprehensive knowledge of import and shipment processes, manpower handling and supply chain management.

We understand the additions and departures of heavy industry transportation. From working with carriers to day-to-day traffic management, we have experience offering ocean freight logistics resources and dependable suppliers.

Communication layouts

Laying fiber-optic communication lines at sea
between Israel and Europe.

Services included:

  • Chartering and operating all vessels
  • Coordination with the various Authorities
  • 24/7  logistics & operational & tactical headquarters

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