Technip – Leviathan Project

  • Technip – Leviathan Project

    Technip – Leviathan Project

    Natural gas fields are the quest of many. These pools of oil just under the surface of the earth, trapped in a sealed hollow of impermeable rock or under the seabed are a natural reserve many countries crave.

    Leviathan is a large natural gas field in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Israel. Its the largest energy infrastructure project to be carried out in the history of the country. This subsea production system connects high-rate subsea to a fixed platform.

    Explorations and running this type of project means ongoing, top-notch hands-on services. Our diligent teams at GLS proudly conducted all marine services as a subcontractor for Technip Houston company.

    Leviathan gas field project was fully funded privately, with a vast investment, estimated to be well over 12 billion NIS for the 1st reservoir development phase. It began in the deep sea, approximately 130 km west of Haifa coastline. Its rig is centered and located about 10 km from the beach.

    The natural gas treatment rig was built by teams from twenty-four nations worldwide and was extended to Israel during 2019. It was set to the seabed at a pre-selected location and the top of the rig was positioned by the world’s largest marine crane.

    Our Marine services in this project included:

    • Vessel coordination
    • Authorities updates and notifications including the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of transport and the Israeli Navy
    • Inward Procedures – pre-arrival requirements
    • Outward Procedures
    • Port information and NTM (notice to Mariners)
    • Mob, Demob cargo/equipment
    • Crew Changes
    • Helicopter Operation (HELOS)
    • Medevac
    • Third-Party Costs/purchasing
    • Cargo
    • Storage
    • Interim Material Receipt and Receiving
    Technip Houston Leviathan Project

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