Customs Broker

Customs Broker

Gold Line Shipping Ltd have the expertise and close ties to the global Customs clearance arena which are nurtured for decades, as such prevent obstacles and ensure the release of the cargo within the minimum period of time.

Our customers enjoy superior solutions for all situations that arise in the field, where upon our offices are located near the Ashdod and Haifa customs.
Our service quality also achieved record results in the field of infrastructure projects, as well,

GLS assists in essential communications between the Importer / Exporter and the authorities in order to ensure effective and quick release as much as possible of the goods.

GLS Customs Clearance Services include:

  • Direct deliveries at all time and land transportation to any destination in the country.
  • Temporary importation / ATA CARNET  / Oil and Gas regulations.
  • Release of goods from bonded warehouses and handling transit shipments
  • Issuing import permits and licenses from government offices.
  • Assistance in classification of the products, which is very important and can dramatically reduce the costs to the customer.
  • Assistance in preparation of documents required for release of goods.
  • Specialize in Customs Clearance of out of gauge cargoes: technological products, cargo for the oil and gas industries, hazardous materials, consumable cargo, supplies, and other military equipment.

Our company specializes in projects cargo which often required temporary import or alternatively handles with the Authorities of Conditional Exemption Costumes of, on behalf of the client.
We closely accompany the project from the beginning of bid, up to filing all the paperwork, classification in customs unit and preparing a guarantee if necessary.
Further, providing services of managing temporary imports and tracking of customs, right to the end of project or export of goods from Israel.
We have an extended experience in variety fields of temporary importation, amongst others: Special equipment, Packaging and machinery for light and heavy industry
Full or partial exemption of payment for import duties (customs, purchase tax, duty, VAT), is granted for goods released by contingent details of customs tariff and purchase tax subject to fulfilling the required conditions.