Pre & Post shipping services

Import shipment to Israel

GLS is renowned for specializing in equipment and cargo import shipping. With over twenty-four years of experience, we are ‘all hands on deck’ to oversee and assist with diverse, ever-changing client needs as well as unusual, over-sized equipment, custom-sized cargo, containers, RORO and hazardous goods.

Global Agency Network

We take pride in our firm alliances with agencies all over the world to provide you top-notch professional team support. Our teams deliver quick, excellent, and efficient services. We chose our agencies carefully as they need to withstand our high standard for understating the global markets and provide a variety of easily adaptable solutions for our customers.

Using several agents during your cargo route ensures all your cargo requirements are capitalized in the best way, tailored for your specific needs.

Export shipment from Israel

At GLS, we make sure your export shipment goes as smoothly as your import.
We are well aware and heavily geared towards the dynamic nature of shipments and client needs. Whether your cargo is to be shipped to multiple destinations or is of unusual size or shape, we see it all the way safely.

We employ a strong network of agencies across the globe that ensures you meet our top-quality services at every point of your shipment journey. We also provide door-to-door services for a crate, a container, or solely for operation needs.

Our global agencies allow GLS to exceed in proving a verity of benefits such as:

  • Extensive data availability and wholesome understanding of the export market world.
  • We provide a dynamic on-the-go solution for our clients ‘on-route’.
  • We have the adjustability to be able to choose the best agent suited for your shipment.

We thrive at managing cargos according to your individual needs providing you the best, most efficient solution.

Export from Israel Process Example

We begin with handling all packing within our licensed warehouse in the country. Then, your shipment receives all the relevant documentation, such as a certificate of attachment and, if needed, approval for the preparation of ready-made equipment containing hazardous materials.

After which we transport your cargo from/to any part of Israel. Even if you have a custom-sized or carrying hazardous goods shipment, logistics is all part of our daily expertise.